Frecuently Asked Questions

What's the date of the model?

The model is going to take place from October 20th to 22nd, 2021.

Where is it going to take place?

The event will be held at our School Facilities

Which are the documents required for the model?

Portfolio or position paper are not mandatory for our model, it is only required to send the opening speeches, one for each topic. Speeches are up to one minute.

Will CCBMUN XI have General Assembly?

During this edition of CCBMUN we won't have neither General or Extraordinary Assembly. That's why we'll have three days of work in every commission.

Which is the deadline for sending opening speeches?

Friday, October 15th.

Is the use of electronic devices allowed?

During the sessions will be sllowed the use of computers and tablets, but not connected to internet. Electronic devices such as cellphones will be prohibited. Only the Chair can give the delegates permission to use them in substancial situations. 

Which is the schedule of the event?

For all the three days the schedule will be the same, from 9am to 4:30pm

Is it allowed to use bow tie?

It is not allowed because it goes against CCBMUN dress code.

Is it allowed to use skirts?

Yes. Skirts should have the lenght established on the delegates handbook. Wearing pantyhose does not excuse the height of the skirt.

In this model what goes first?

Opening the session or Establishing the agenda?

In CCBMUN we open the session first, then, we establish the agenda with both topics in the same order as the study guide. In CCBMUN we DO NOT open agenda.

Is it allowed to declare war?

As it is protocol with international agreements and the movement of troops, it has to be done with the permission of Security Council delegates, those with the autonomy to declare war without such formal authorization. 

Is it allowed to get out of the club?

If the delegate counts with the permission of his/her sponsor, will be allowed to get out of the club.

Delegtes from Colombo Britanico School cannot leave the club at any time.

Is it necessary that every delegate carries ID?

Club Union policies stablish a register with the ID of every single participant, including sponsors, observers, press and CCBMUN XI organizer team.