CCBMUN History

Model of the United Nations of Colombo Británico School (CCBMUN) was founded in 2010. Since then our goal has been to build critical learning spaces where students develop research skills, argumentation abilities, public speaking, and resolution of current conflicts.

Organized by ninth, tenth and eleventh graders of our school with some graduated students from Colombo Británico School, CCBMUN gathers together students from around the country.

Our model provides an opportunity for students to be autonomous agents of their training on a global level.

This, through the discussion of global issues, which in many cases are certainly not close to us, bind us as part of our commitment to society, impacting in our student´s future to look critically and reflective not only their local environment, but also to achieve a community project in general.

CCBMUN XI will take place at Club Union de Medellín during September 16, 17 and 18.

"I am convinced that the United Nations provides the best road to the future for those who have confidence in our capacity to shape our own fate on this planet."

Kurt Josef Waldheim, The Challenge of Peace.

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